About Me


may 20 / 19 years old
video editor, writer, illustrator, podcast host, creative
height: 5’8” weight: 123 lbs
notable foods: bread, fruit, kale and pizza ;))
notable colors: black, white, pink, grey, gold
notable movies: marvel series, fast & furious series up to 5, jurassic park series, transformers up to 3, every rom-com ever
notable books: i’m a certified YA romance feen
notable music: almost anything, try me
hey, i’m hellokhaiyah, 
the brand and the girl, haha. born and raised in north carolina, i come from a family of many talents and it lends me to being a multi-talented gal which can sometimes be very overwhelming. i like to joke that if i wanted to i can do anything and on a very serious note, that statement is really true. 
i’ve loved english class since i was in elementary school and it helped me to discover my love for writing. who genuinely likes writing essays? me. that’s who. i like how you can create a whole narrative based on fact or fiction and take someone out of the place they physically are to a place in their mind where anything is possible and i think that flows through to my other talents and endeavors.
i began editing at the age of 12 when I wanted to start my own youtube channel. recording wasn’t the issue so much as putting all of that footage together to create something worth watching. i love the film process from brainstorming to watching that final product, it is always such a fun experience. i’ve learned that what you film is very important, but to get the best version of what you envision, editing is the key.
illustrations are a more recent discovery. i have always been able to draw as it is a natural talent of mine and i’m rediscovering that ability now and seeing where it take me and what i can create from my mind and hands.
i hope gave you a little insight into how i am who i am and why i do the things i do. i like to find what comes naturally and build upon those talents. they must be there for a reason, right?
bye, from hellokhaiyah


Have any more questions about me, what I do, or what I can do for you? Feel free to email me below.